Planned Parenthood, Robert Dear, & Officer Garrett Swasey


On the occasion of this 43rd anniversary of the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion-on-demand, I want to look a bit deeper into a local shooting rampage. It’s a story worth clarifying.

On Jan 16, 2016 the Reporter-Herald in my hometown published an opinion piece entitled, The Sacramento Bee on the surge in the abortion wars.

The first sentence stated: “…anti-abortion activists unleashed a barrage of deceptive videos falsely accusing Planned Parenthood of trafficking in fetal tissue for profit.” Planned Parenthood’s defense from day one has been that the sting videos were “deceptively edited.” By now we’ve all heard this accusation.

Planned Parenthood even hired a research firm, Fusion GPS, to examine the videos. Not surprisingly, Fusion GPS found that the videos were indeed “manipulated.” Mainstream news media announced this finding without disclosing that Fusion GPS has ties to the Democratic party.

Subsequently, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) commissioned a third party digital security and forensics firm, Coalfire, to analyze the videos. Unlike Fusion GPS, Coalfire had access to the entire body of investigative footage. Coalfire’s findings were that the videos are “authentic and show no evidence of manipulation.” However, this finding has somehow not been reported in the mainstream media, even though the findings were sent to reporters at every major media organization in America.

The Colorado Springs tragedy
Over Thanksgiving weekend in 2015 lone gunman Robert Dear opened fire at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, killing 3 people, including a police officer, and injuring 9 others. Planned Parenthood and sympathetic news media were quick to blame the “deceptively edited videos” for the attack, and to associate the shooter with the pro-life movement, based on comments he made at the scene. (Police reported that Dear’s rantings included the words, “No more baby parts” – an allusion to the videos.)

Here is where decency and justice demand that a correction be made.

There was indeed at least one pro-lifer present at the shooting, but it wasn’t shooter Robert Dear. Dear doesn’t appear in Colorado Right to Life’s (CRTL) database of over 500,000 names. More to the point, by definition pro-lifers are morally opposed to the killing of innocent people. This is the reason there is an abortion debate. All right-to-life organizations strongly repudiate abortion clinic violence, (regardless of whether it is perpetrated inside or outside of the womb.)

Slain officer, Garrett Swasey, held this view. He arrived on the scene in response to calls from other officers. Since his death, many news reports have mentioned that he was a husband and father of 2 young children. Some have mentioned that Swasey was once a nationally ranked figure skater and ice dancer. Some have mentioned that he was a co-pastor at his church. But I’ve yet to see a report from a secular news source acknowledge that Swasey was a signer of the 2014 Personhood Amendment petition.

The Personhood Movement seeks to recognize unborn human beings as persons deserving of legal protection.

Officer Garrett Swasey was a committed pro-life Evangelical Christian of the sort that Planned Parenthood and the Left routinely demonize as being “anti-woman.” Swasey was not obligated to respond to the other officers’ call for help on Thanksgiving weekend. Nonetheless, he chose to serve and protect Planned Parenthood, an organization whose ideology he sharply disagreed with. As a “right wing pro-life extremist,” he gave his own life with the aim of stopping a shooter from harming other people.

His example should be held up, honored, and remembered. Let us refuse to allow the beliefs and motives of officer Garrett Swasey to be conflated with those of gunman Robert Dear.


4 comments on “Planned Parenthood, Robert Dear, & Officer Garrett Swasey

  1. revspitz says:

    To call Garrett Swasey pro-life is hypocrisy. He was going to kill Robert Dear to protect a babykilling abortion mill. What is pro-life about that? He was going to kill Robert Dear to protect a babykilling abortionist so that abortionist could continue to murder unborn children. Robert Dear shut down that babykiller factory.

    • LOL! Thanks! This is a remarkable post revspitz.
      Its idiocy reveals that you are a troll posing as a pro-lifer. This is typical of people who find opposing facts and arguments impossible to argue against. Instead, you make up imaginary crap that you wish your opponents would say in real life. You can’t find any actual pro-lifers who talk like you because real pro-lifers don’t think that way.

      But I’ll take the opportunity to answer your question, “What is pro-life about that?”

      Swasey wasn’t necessarily going to kill Robert Dear. Perhaps you noticed that none of the other officers killed him either. They disarmed and arrested him, and now he will brought to trial. This is why they are called “officers of the law.”

      Perhaps you also noticed that Robert Dear did not shut down the babykiller factory. It’s still legally doing “business.” So not only is shooting legally operating abortionists morally wrong, it’s also ineffective. There are apparently always others willing to step in and kill people’s offspring for money.

      It’s a much better approach to continue to educate the public that abortion is the real “war on women” and to continue to catch PP on video saying and doing terrible things. Then we work to defund them. Because it’s the humane thing to do.

      May God bless you with an abundant life.

  2. Hope you don’t mind, but I’m linking to this on my FB page. Good stuff here.

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