About Scott

Scott Freeman has been working as a full-time fine artist out of Loveland, Colorado, since 2001. His award-winning paintings are now collected across the U.S. and overseas. His varied career in the arts has included graphic design & illustration, stained glass design & painting, nearly ten years as an illustrator/designer for Hallmark Cards, Inc., and children’s book writing & illustration. Recently, along with his fine art painting, Scott has been pursuing work in the public art arena as well.

The spiritual aspect defines life for Scott, and he considers himself a follower of Jesus. However, preferring to not be pigeonholed as a “religious artist,” it is Scott’s desire to keep one foot planted conspicuously in the public square. Freedom of expression and respectful dialogue are extremely important to him.

With regard to his Art & Life Notes blog, topics of high interest for Scott include: art, creativity and culture, storytelling, theology, comparative religion, art and the Church, incorporating the arts in worship, the historical relationship of the Church and Synagogue, Christian and Jewish reconciliation, messianic Judaism, racial reconciliation, the kingdom of God as taught by Jesus, biblical apologetics, the creation/evolution debate, and parenting.

Scott and his wife, Mollie, both received Bachelor of Fine Art degrees in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1982, and 1989, respectively. They have had five children together, and maintain their home and studio in downtown Loveland. In addition to being an artist, Mollie is also trained as a holistic health coach and is an urban organic gardener.

You can view Scott & Mollie’s artwork online at http://www.freemanartgallery.com
Contact Scott or Mollie for more info or to set up an appointment at scottnmollie@yahoo.com.

UPDATE ON THE LATEST: Scott is excited to announce the recent launch of his on online children’s book business! The website offers extraordinary storybooks for kids, written and illustrated by Scott. Please visit THE WEBSITE and sign up to receive notifications of new releases. As a “thank you” you will receive Scott’s inspiring free ebooklet on the importance of stories in parenting.


15 comments on “About Scott

  1. RE: Who Needs Art?
    Sacrilege! Actually, thank you. I couldn’t agree more. I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m Patrick Flynn, I’m a painter and I attended KCAI from 88 to 90. You raise numerous interesting questions, but as I’ve discovered this post at 2:45 am after finishing painting for the night, I really should get to bed. Just wanted to respond before life resumes tomorrow morning and I space out on it. (Wife, 2 kids, job, etc) Anyway, thanks for the sentiment.

  2. ladylinchpin says:

    Love your blog. Was wondering if you mostly pain with your hands? (Sans brush?) I am in Fort Collins, an am an art advocate for the shameless task of promoting artist’s works.

    • Thank you ladylinchpin! I wonder if we’ve met – I know a lot of FC artists.
      Mostly I paint with a brush, certainly when I’m using oils or watercolors. The only time I really use my hands is when I’m doing an Art Theatre performance. I tried to post a video on here, but I guess I have to wait til I get some money so I can buy the WordPress video uploader thingy. But if you don’t want to wait, you can see my latest video on Youtube. In the Youtube search bar type: tedx scott freeman
      Look for the video called called Mourning to Joy.

      • ladylinchpin says:

        Thank you. And yes, we may have met! I hold many shows in the FC area for local artists to be able to display and sell at reasonable booth fees. My husband is an avid supporter with his Law Firm which supplies free beer and other goodies to bring in the crowds. I will be viewing your Art Theater Video when I get to my big PC on Monday at work. I was also in theater and taught art as a public school teacher for many years. Thanks for the input and for sharing your life!

  3. Awesome blog Scott. I adore the New Atheism art math. It is simply brilliant.

  4. susan klabak says:

    Just found your blog and I’ve read some of your blog posts and enjoyed all that I’ve read. Will read more another time. Please keep me updated of new posts.

  5. Scott,
    I have nominated you for a Liebster. You can find out about it here http://undergroundvoices.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/liebstering/ . I hope you continue making art and doing this very interesting blog. Congratulations!

  6. Hey Scott, I trust that you have watch the Movie and probably written your thoughts about it. As promised, I wrote a piece about the movie 42 and would love to hear your thoughts about it. Thanks a million.
    Your brother Walter
    Link: http://walterbright.org/2013/09/22/42-do-you-have-the-guts-not-to-fight-back/

  7. Michael says:

    Hi Scott,
    What goes into applying a mural on a private building in Loveland? Are city permits required?

    • Michael,
      I’m honestly not sure. I would guess that even if the building owner okayed it that the city would still want to have a say. I know that the transformer boxes are all carefully approved by the city. The Fire and Ice Festival mural design (the Mona Lisa) was approved by the building owner. I’m not sure if the city had a say or not, but in that case we covered a boarded up building that was an eyesore anyway.

      I would suggest talking to a knowledgeable city official.


  8. Harry A West says:

    Hi, Scott ~ I was looking for suggestions for good Christmas movies. Have watched a few Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. They were “nice” but not memorable. (As a matter of fact, we watched A JOURNEY BACK TO CHRISTMAS and didn’t recognize that we had seen it until Hanna entered the storage shed.) Will look into your suggestions.

    I, too, was a designer at HALLMARK in KC MO back in the days. I worked with BRAD HOLLAND and WENDELL MINOR. BILL TINKER was in charge of the then “New Artist Group.” It’s understandable if you don’t recognize any of those names. That was in the mid-1960s,


    Harry West

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