Introducing My First Video

I made this ink illustration in 1990 as part of a newspaper ad that I intended to publish in the Kansas City Star. I never followed through, but I still feel it’s a fair depiction of the abortion debate. So it’s in my video…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, despite the consequential events that have occurred in the world over recent months. The reason for my disappearance is that I’ve been working on a video. I’ll keep this post short because I’m hoping you will watch the video. I also hope you will like, subscribe, and share it. (Assuming of course that you like it, want to see more, and think it’s worth sharing!)

I’ve wanted to get into video for some time because I’ve heard that more people are inclined to watch than read, especially young people. However, I don’t particularly like being in front of a camera, so my art and design will serve as the visual part. I don’t particularly like the sound of my voice either, but there’s not much I can do about that.

…Except maybe, for the narration of my next video, I’m thinking of faking a Scottish accent. Cause…you know…my name is Scott. So even if it’s badly done, no one can accuse me of not being Scottish.

My first video is a response to another video, narrated by actress Alyssa Milano, that came out just days after the Supreme Court decision sending the question of abortion rights back to the states. Milano’s video is called, “The History of Abortion.” Many of the statements made in that video were so egregiously incorrect that I just couldn’t ignore it. I think you’ll find my video response fascinating, and you’ll hear some things you haven’t heard before.

At the same time, I’m hoping that my video won’t come off as an attack. It’s clear to me that God has called us to be peacemakers and agents of reconciliation. For some time I’ve felt compelled to be a bridge-builder to whatever extent that is possible. Unfortunately I still see far too little of this in public discourse, and I’m especially bothered by people who call themselves Christians and conservatives behaving like jerks toward people who disagree with them.

Of Course, this is a human tendency, not a Christian or conservative one, but I guess it’s just that I expect more from people who call themselves followers of Jesus. Thanks to all of you who have commented here over the years, for your respectful approach!

I think I will leave it at that for now, and let the video speak for itself. I will need to follow this up soon with a post for my pro-life friends, as I’ve been doing an informal survey and would love to hear your opinions as well. I will leave you hanging as to what my question is, though if you watch the video you might figure it out.

Here is the link:


2 comments on “Introducing My First Video

  1. This was a very thoughtful, informative, and fair presentation, Scott. I hadn’t seen Milano’s video, but it’s probably fair to guess that many will be mislead by her false and/or misleading claims. Frankly, the information in your rebuttals isn’t common knowledge, so your research was very helpful.

    I found many of Milano’s arguments simply irrelevant, like her claims about the number of women who died from “forced” illegal abortions (“Forced”? Where does she think she is, communist China? No one is forced to have an illegal abortion in this country). Even if every illegal abortion ended in the woman’s death, that doesn’t magically make legal abortions moral, so it’s not clear why pro-abortionists raise the issue as if it helps their position. In fact, just reflecting back on the video, I think pretty much her entire presentation amounted to irrelevant claims. So what if abortion were legal in the past? So what if abortions were even a scheme perpetrated by men to control women? How does that at all change the fact that abortion is, in fact, the taking of an innocent life, i.e., murder? (I’m not ignoring cases where a mother will die if she carries her baby to term, in which case, saving the mother may be the greater good, and where the ending of the baby’s life is seen as a collateral and unwanted evil. The question in such cases is whether anyone can actually know that a mother will, in fact, die in situations where the pregnancy poses a danger to her, such that taking the baby’s life is a justified case of self-defense. Given that many mothers have chosen to ignore their doctor’s advice and went ahead with a delivery where she and her baby both lived, it becomes questionable whether any doctor’s claim can be taken as fact and, if not, whether his dubious opinion is a legitimate ground for abortion.)

    • Thanks, Frank.
      You are correct that people are being mislead by Milano’s video. It was pretty discouraging to read through the comments, full of people thanking her for the “information” and saying how helpful it was! A couple of months ago someone suggested there may be some misinformation there, and someone else replied, “Such as?” I replied with some specifics, but then a few days later could no longer find my comment. I think that’s when I decided to do my own video.

      I hope you will comment on my next post, where i plan to pose a question around the issue of exceptions that would allow for abortion. As always, I know you will be Frank with me.

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