I Changed My Mind. I’m Voting for Trump.


I was hoping against hope that a viable third option would develop in this 2016 presidential election. A groundswell movement. A grassroots social media campaign. An incarceration.

But, no. Here we are, just days before the election, and cold logic has dictated a course I honestly didn’t think I could take. I’m going to cast my vote for Trump.

From the beginning, a few people I respect have made statements along the lines of, “This election isn’t about Hillary and Trump. It’s about the future of the Supreme Court of the United States.” I have to admit that it now comes down to this for me. Were multiple Court appointments not at stake I would stick to my plan of writing in a worthy presidential candidate.

I would enthusiastically “waste” my vote.

Why I can’t get around voting for Trump
I honestly think that the preservation of constitutional government in the United States is at stake. The point is not that Donald Trump will be the savior of constitutional government. Rather, it is that Hillary has promised to do it in. If the judicial branch of the U.S. federal government becomes overwhelmingly ideologically “progressive” rather than constitutionally-guided, then the legislative branch may as well not exist.

Throughout the Obama administration, a somewhat balanced Supreme Court sometimes served as a check and a balance on the administration’s attempts to impose its “progressive” ideology onto an unwilling U.S. population. However, if both the executive and the judicial branches of the U.S. government become solidly and predictably “progressive,” there will be nothing to stop them from overriding the legislative branch, essentially taking over its lawmaking role.

But aren’t mine simply partisan concerns? Wouldn’t conservatives do the same thing if they could? Aren’t both conservatives and liberals simply trying to gain more power every election cycle? What’s the difference?

Actually there is a difference
There is an important, defining, organic difference between liberals and conservatives. It is this: Liberals and Conservatives hold vastly differing views as to what the role of government should be in America.

Liberals trust their good intentions to use the force of “good government” to fix societal problems, resulting in more government intrusion and fostering ever more dependence on the government.

Principled conservatives are wary of governmental power over civilians, and thus advocate less government intrusion. They trust the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This is a question of freedom. Even “good government” cannot be resisted. Government does not make suggestions. It always equals force.

America’s founders laid out the 3 branches of government – executive, legislative, and judicial – in order to limit and balance governmental power over U. S. citizens and to secure basic rights. The expectation was that citizens of character would govern themselves.

The presidency under Obama
How has the “progressive” penchant to governmentally impose political ideology onto the population manifested under President Obama? Following are striking examples of attempts to do so:

  • Obamacare, an arguably unconstitutional idea, was declared legal and mandatory by the Supreme Court by one vote. The tie was broken by Justice Roberts, who redefined the language of the act in order to call it a tax, thus rendering it legal.
  • The Obama administration sought to fine Hobby Lobby over a million dollars a day to force it to comply with the administration’s ideological beliefs about birth control and abortion. The administration lost its Supreme Court case by one vote.
  • Obama instructed his Department of Justice not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA,) when it was still federal law, arguably because he ideologically disagreed with the law.
  • Obama’s Department of Justice worked to redefine marriage along ideological lines before the Supreme Court during the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges decision. The administration won this case by one vote.
  • The Obama administration recently issued a sweeping directive along ideological lines, instructing every public school district in America to allow transgender students to use the restroom that matches their “gender identity.”
  • In foreign policy, the U.S. Constitution has something called the Treaty Clause, which requires a two thirds Senate approval for treaties negotiated by the president. However, with the Iran nuclear deal, Obama circumvented this principle. Rather than submit the deal as a treaty, he went around the people’s representatives and instead forged a deal by executive agreement, supported only by a small partisan Senate minority.

Hillary has clearly articulated this same “progressive” penchant for using governmental power to impose a left-wing, political ideology onto the nation. While claiming to support families she will promote public policy that undermines marriage and hurts children. While claiming to support minorities she will continue the strategy of buying their votes with promises, and making them dependent on the government. As a good “progressive” she will be more interested in her own ideology than in what the U.S. Constitution guarantees. More interested in her personal political vision than in freedom and the vision of America’s founders.

I already agree with you
Don’t bother explaining to me why Trump isn’t fit to be president of the United States. I already agree with you. I think Donald Trump is a jerk.

If Trump were far ahead in the polls I would proceed with my initial plan to write in a presidential candidate who actually represents me and champions the U.S. Constitution.

If Scalia was still on the Court, and only one justice was expected to retire, I would proceed with my plan.

If a decent third party candidate were making a serious showing, I would proceed with my plan.

But as things now stand, I feel it would be irresponsible of me to hand the presidency to Hillary. As embarrassing and unfit a candidate as I believe Trump is, I don’t think he will irreversibly damage the country. I believe he is the less dangerous of the two.

What about Evan McMullin?
Apparently, there is a possibility of Evan McMullin taking away enough electoral votes to prevent either Trump or Hillary from winning the election. But ironically, in order for this to happen, you shouldn’t vote for McMullin unless you live in Utah. According to what I’ve read, the only way a McMullin upset happens is if Trump and Hillary end in a virtual tie, and McMullin wins Utah.

So even if I want McMullin to win, I still have to vote for Trump.

My solution to make voting for Trump bearable
I would never advocate such a thing as electing Trump and then hoping he is assassinated. Such a thing would be unchristian and immoral. This is the type of thinking that conspiracy theorists think Hillary advocates. It might be the kind of thing that Trump would inappropriately joke about. Terrible.

But I do have an idea.

After Trump is elected I think he should be abducted and surgically rendered mute. (And perhaps given a haircut.) Then he should be returned to office. America’s first mute billionaire president. Diversity. Win-win. Vice President Pence could give Trump’s state of the union speeches. ‘Just throwing the idea out there.

My apologies to my friends outside of the U.S. I was looking forward to assuring you that I would never vote for Trump.

For the rest of you, don’t forget to get out there and vote! May God have mercy on us.

“We usually survive mistakes by particular leaders because leaders are not the foundation of our system. The foundation of U.S. foreign policy is the views and values of the American people, filtered by elected representatives through democratic institutions, proven by time.”
— Senator Tom Cotton


13 comments on “I Changed My Mind. I’m Voting for Trump.

  1. Yeah, I held my nose and did the same thing. Bottom line is, it’s the greater good. — I can’t say it’s the “lesser of two evils”. While it may only seem like a semantic difference since the the results are the same, the “lesser of two evils” locution is, upon examination, not philosophically feasible because it would imply that one has a moral duty to choose an immoral action. So while Trump may not be a “good” choice, he nevertheless represents the greater good between a narcissistic womanizer and a pathologically-lying, treasonous, crook.

    God help us all.

  2. Mark James says:

    Scott – As hard as this is for you to stomach, you are making the right decision. The math of this election simply cannot allow any other way, otherwise, as you have correctly reasoned, you get Hillary. In terms of criminality and wickedness, Hillary ranks up there with Caligula and Nero. However, there are a couple points worth noting:
    1) I think you are mistaken in your characterization of Trump. Sure, he has had his share of indiscretions and is very combative, but he stands four-square on the Constitution. He is absolutely against abortion, especially late term, plans to place judges on the Supreme Court as well as the lower Appellate Courts that rule in accordance with the Constitution, and wants the government to follow its own laws. How is that bad?

    Check out his recent interview with Pat Robertson: http://www.breakingchristiannews.com/articles/display_art.html?ID=19553

    Further, Trump is the first candidate since 1954 that has even mentioned the Johnson Amendment and his determination to repeal it. For the record, the Johnson Amendment changed tax law to effectively muzzle the church and deny Christians free speech from the pulpit. No Republican since 1954 has ever spoken or opposed the amendment, much less called for its repeal – until Trump.

    2) No third party candidate will make a wit of difference in the election. Johnson is polling around 5%, Stein is at 1%, and, yes McMullin is around 38% only in the state of Utah. So, the reasoning is that McMullin could win Utah and grab 6 electoral votes and thus send the election to the House to break the tie. For that to happen, the stars would have to be perfectly aligned because just about any scenario simply doesn’t allow for it. Besides, Utah voters better think real hard about this because the last time voters really screwed up is when the Jews in Germany voted with their ‘hearts’ and got Hitler.

    3) What is it about Trump that brings out such bitterness in you? What issue is it that Trump is so out of line? I look at the list and it’s an easy choice: Immigration, veterans, foreign policy, abortion, obamacare, Christian persecution at home and abroad, trade deals, tax cuts, allowing the purchase of health insurance across state lines, abiding by the law, appointing judges, health savings accounts, protection of the first and second Amendments, and most significantly, keeping Hillary out of the White House. What else do you want? I think your comments about his wealth, hair, and doing him physical harm is unwarranted.

    4) As a Christian, how do you justify such venom toward Trump? All these pastors met and prayed over Trump: Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Paula White, Jentezen Franklin, David Jeremiah, Jan Crouch, Steve Munsey, Rabbi Kirt Schneider, Bishop George Bloomer, Bishop Darrell Scott and Clarence McClendon. In your view, are all these people wrong about Trump? I just don’t understand. I mean, Trump is on YOUR side Biblically and Constitutionally, unless you think Hillary has anything to offer that advances you and the cause of Christianity. I just don’t get it.
    Well, I’m glad you joined the team regardless of how distasteful you find Trump. I like Trump. I’m glad our side finally has a fighter. I’m thankful that we have somebody who will speak passionately and forcefully about the things we care about, like abortion. I’m thankful that we have somebody who will take on liberal media head on. Have you noticed that liberals and Dems never break ranks? With all the crap about Hillary, not one liberal has changed their vote. Republicans and Christians? Always break and run in election after election. That’s why we have lost the schools, media, judges, freedom, and Constitution. This is an ideological war. In war, to survive and win the day requires being united and courageous. Yes, God help us because we are doing a terrible job of helping ourselves.

    • Most of the positive things you’ve listed about Trump are words he’s spoken on the campaign trail, but we all know how people running for office will say anything to get their base to vote for them. Most Christians think Trump’s pre-campaign actions and statements reflect Trump’s true nature, which isn’t conservative at all. The fact that he’s been a big Clinton donor and supporter in the past is more indicative of his policy positions than what he says on the campaign trail. The real question is whether he’s really changed his position about the policies he’s supported in the past, because if he hasn’t, we’ve got a Manchurian candidate on our hands. One thing is for sure: if trump gets elected, he better stand by his campaign positions because he’ll never see a second term if he’s engaging in a bait and switch.

    • Mark, Dude. I’m voting for the guy. Don’t ask me to like it. And I have not joined the team. I’m voting for the Supreme Court and hoping to God that Trump won’t be a disaster. I’m extremely frustrated that I have to vote for him at all.

      What brings out such bitterness? How do I justify such “venom?” I think he’s a jerk and a horrible role model. Exactly the opposite of what I think a president should be. He lost me very early on with his comment about Carly Fiorina being ugly. Then with his comment about McCain. More recently with his comment about being able to grope women because he is a celebrity. This pretty much fits my definition of “asshole.” Perhaps the issue that I consider to be of supreme importance to the country right now is public policy around marriage – strengthening lifelong, faithful, monogamous, heterosexual marriage. Porn figures in right on up there. Trump has zero credibility around any of this.

      I would LOVE to be wrong. Here’s hoping Trump will be a healing, team-building and wise president, full of integrity and good character.

      • Mark James says:

        Whew! I am SO glad that I’m not running for office! When it comes to being an ‘asshole’, I have Trump beat by a mile. But isn’t that why we need the saving grace of Jesus Christ? Don’t we all fall short of the glory of God? Aren’t we all sinners? I look back at my personal landscape and it is littered with regretful and sinful things. Haven’t we all said things we wish we didn’t and can’t take back or make right? As they say, you can’t undo an unkind word. Conversely, haven’t we all failed to say things we should have? That’s why I need Jesus. I can’t undo my words and actions. Neither can Trump. But I forgive him just as Jesus forgives me, and we move on.

        Back in March (I think), you asked if there was any evangelical Christian that would support Trump. I was able to name almost a dozen, some of the biggest names in the modern evangelical movement. And I did so again just recently in response to your post. And I asked: Can they all be wrong about Trump? When I think of presidential ‘assholes’, JFK and Bill Clinton immediately come to mind. LBJ was a terrible person. Hillary makes LBJ look like a boy scout.

        I’m not voting for a Saint or choir boy or an angel. I’m voting to cast out the vipers called the Washington Establishment, both republican and democrat. These people are the Pharisees and Sadducees of our time. They form a class in America that enjoys a standard of living that we can only dream about. They are exempt from the programs and regulations that we must abide by, they are fabulously wealthy on the backs of the average person, their children go to the best schools, and they are hypocrites in the worst sense of the word. Trump alone can’t change things. He can move the needle a little bit back in the right direction. That’s why I agree with Kenneth Copeland’s view that we “plant the seed and water it with prayer.” A man can’t change the nation, because he is fallen, but God can through prayer. If God can forgive me; forgive Manassaeh (who had the prophet Isaiah sawn in half), indeed, forgive the Apostle Paul, then surely there can be forgiveness for Trump’s indiscretions. In parting, I’m just an ‘asshole’ who needs Jesus Christ. My hair can’t be shaved because I don’t have much of it, and cutting out my tongue will only cause me to write more responses! 🙂

        • Mark, I’m just answering your question.
          You asked me for my objections, so it’s kinda odd that you would try to shame me for answering. But feel free. I didn’t say Trump should be taken out and shot. I just think he’s a lousy presidential candidate. You are free to disagree. Yes, we’ve all made mistakes. Yep, we all need Jesus. Yep, Trump can be forgiven. I think you might be wasting your time here, as I’ve already decided to vote for Trump. Your time might be better spent convincing undecided voters.

          • Mark James says:

            I understand your point of view and I’m not trying to ‘shame’ you into anything, but merely pointing out that there is a lot of Christian basis for my choice as well as noting the large number of Evangelicals who support Trump. However, more significantly, I think that if you are going to wade into politics with your blog, then you have to expect a certain amount of push-back. Most of the time I’m pretty content to hang back, but certain issues cry out for a response. It’s all great fun, but in my view, the thing I thirst for from an artist, such as yourself, is insight to your art and how the journey goes for you given our highly liberal post-modern culture.

            • As I said, feel free. I always welcome push-back.
              I refuse to pin this on evangelicals. It’s seems clear to me that there are at least 2 kinds of Trump supporters, evangelical or otherwise:
              1) those like you who think that he is exactly what the America needs, and
              2) those like me who are very troubled by him, but who feel they have no other option if Hillary is to be stopped.

              Each vote counts the same.

  3. Larry Brock says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this horrendous election. Larry

    • Thanks for taking time to comment, Larry.

    • Mark James says:

      I don’t think this election has been horrendous. Just the opposite. It’s been refreshing and invigorating to have a candidate that not only fights back but but speaks plainly and openly to the wickedness of the liberal left. Think back to the weak candidates of the past – Romney, McCain, Dole… This is a breath of fresh air. The electoral map will be totally reconfigured after Tuesday night with a Trump win.

  4. ‘Just wanted to pull a relevant quote from a lengthy discussion around this post from my Facebook page:

    “…make no mistake: the liberal justices on the Court nearly always vote as a bloc. Whereas the conservative justices occasionally depart for reasons of judicial philosophy from what some might consider the conservative outcome – as Justice Scalia often did – one is hard-pressed to find decisions where a liberal justice’s vote is in question. To illustrate the point, in the Supreme Court’s 2014-2015 term, the four liberal justices agreed with each other over 90% of the time – more agreement than between any two conservative justices. For example, Chief Justice Roberts agreed with justice Thomas in only 70% percent of cases. If the liberal wing of the Court is given a five justice majority, we should expect that no controversial decision of the Court will ever be in doubt.”

    Quote by Scott Pruitt: https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/next-supreme-court-justice/

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