Why Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman

Is transgenderism anti-woman

I’m not making fun of Bruce Jenner. But I’m not celebrating either. I have some questions first.

I admit I have no qualifications to write about this. (I haven’t even had my sex talk yet.) But what are we supposed to do? By the time “the experts” start asking the right questions, the revolution will be long over, and then there will be no putting the gender genie back in the bottle. Since the news media are too busy celebrating to do their jobs, I thought it might be helpful to state some facts, and ask some honest questions about the basic facts of life.

Recently I read this in Yahoo Celebrity News:
“Bruce Jenner has been changing his appearance for months, leading to speculation that the former Olympic athlete is becoming a woman. A source for People magazine claims that’s exactly what’s happening,..”Bruce is transitioning to a woman…” (Erin O’Sullivan)

Actually, no, Bruce is not becoming a woman. For people to say so is an insult to women, and demeaning to the female gender.

Since it’s a full time job to keep up on the constantly changing, politically correct terminology around transgenderism, I’m simply going to attempt to be fair, honest, and as sensitive as I can be, and that’s going to have to be good enough. I ask the reader not to read any hostility into my questions, since I actually am committed to valuing transgender people. I think gender dysphoria is a real thing that people don’t choose, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Why it is anti-woman to perpetuate the idea that a man can become a woman
There is something fundamental at stake here: A grip on the basic shape of reality. I would hope that my readers would be offended if I were to refer to a woman as a “cunt.” I hope we would agree that this is demeaning to women because it attempts to reduce a woman down to nothing more than a vagina. But at the end of the day, the transgender community seems to be doing something similar. If a dude thinks that buying himself a vagina through “sex reassignment” surgery is going to complete his transition to womanhood, I think it just shows that he is thinking like a dude.

The male reproductive package is relatively simple compared to that of women. One cannot simply trade in a penis for a vagina and call it a sex-change. It’s not an even trade.

Compared to that of men, the female reproductive package is very complex and all encompassing. A girl’s reproductive system dramatically announces and asserts itself at puberty, and continues to do so cyclically throughout her entire adult life until she reaches menopause as an older woman. Her reproductive system pervades her entire body, inside and out. Whether or not she wants to, she must think about her body on a daily basis. Often it demands her attention. If she becomes pregnant, for months she lives minute by minute with the reality that a living being is growing inside of her body; a body that was designed to bring new life into the world. During the birthing process, her body naturally takes over, bringing her through the transcendent and intense experience of childbirth. After birth, first the colostrum, and then the breast milk produced by her body, is the best possible source of nourishment for her baby, delivering exactly the nutrients, minerals, prebiotics, and antibodies that her baby needs. These biological realities, to a greater or lesser degree, must necessarily shape the psyche of every woman.

There is simply nothing like this for guys.

Does the fact that we can now chemically and surgically alter our bodies mean we can change our sex/gender? No. It’s true that “sex reassignment” surgery can construct an authentic-looking vagina, even retaining tissues that enable many MTF (male to female) transgenders to experience orgasm during sex. But at the end of the day, it’s still a hole. It doesn’t connect to a cervix and uterus. There are no ovaries, no cramps, and no menstrual cycles. No possibility or risk of pregnancy. No (naturally) lactating breasts. A surgically constructed transgender vagina must be regularly dilated every day, for life, so that it doesn’t close up.

But what if a biological male identifies as female? This is a real thing.

I think we have to delicately ask, “How does a dude know what a woman feels like on the inside?” What if his idea of “feeling like a woman” is only a cartoonish caricature of femaleness? How would he or anyone else know the difference? We have to take his word for it, and I’m not willing to do that because people are wrong about stuff all the time. He may not “feel like a man,” but what does that mean?

Someone may ask, “Can’t we all live and let live, and let these people do whatever they want if it makes them happy and they’re not hurting anyone?” Yes. People are free today to do whatever they want, obviously. If only that were enough for them.

Why Gender is not a Social Construct
The hip, liberal viewpoint now is that sex is biological, but gender is not. Gender is supposedly a changeable, fluid continuum, and every point on that continuum should be celebrated. There are supposedly as many genders as there are people. But here is the deal: This is an opinion. It’s one, novel way of looking at human sexuality. There has been no new groundbreaking scientific “discovery” that there are a zillion genders (1). It’s a political perspective. It is every bit as legit to hold the opinion that there are only two genders – male and female – and that anything “in between” is disordered. But sexual liberals don’t like that viewpoint because they think it’s exclusionist and mean. It’s not – it should go without saying that people with disorders should not be shunned or hated.

Do we say that near-sightedness, far-sightedness, color blindness, macular degeneration, people with cataracts, and people born without eyes are all simply experiencing different ways of seeing? Are these simply all different points on a continuum that should be accepted and celebrated? Here is why worldview matters. Those of us who believe in a Creator and an intentionally designed universe would say that our eyes were designed for seeing; that there exists an ideal of perfect vision that is good.

Do we therefore hate blind people? Of course not.

This is not obvious to everyone. In an accidental, mindlessly evolved universe, things cannot be objectively good or valuable – they simply exist. There is no ideal because there is no purpose to life. I once actually had a conversation with an evolutionist in which he found himself having to argue that working eyesight was not good. He could only say that he preferred having eyes that see, in our present context, but that blindness might someday be an evolutionary advantage. So for him, his preference for organs that actually function according to design is simply a cultural construct. I am of the opinion that this is wacky thinking, and I’m not sorry.

How can we know that gender is not a cultural construct? Because gender is similarly based in biology. Only women have the biological equipment necessary for gestation and childbirth. That’s not cultural. It’s been true in every culture for all of human history. Childbearing is a uniquely female, gender role assigned by our biology. A woman may or may not choose to embrace that role for whatever reason, but this doesn’t turn that gender role into a cultural construct. She may or may not exhibit stereotypically feminine behavior, but that doesn’t either confirm her gender or throw it into question.

Why should the binary, heterosexual system of human reproduction be the standard for defining human sexuality? Because of the fact that the continued existence of humanity has always depended on it. This means something. It means that binary heterosexuality is a good, healthy, proven, whole, and self-sustaining system. To be self-sustaining is part of what defines good. This is not to say that those who deviate from it should be taken out and shot, but neither should we go redefining marriage, sex and gender to help them feel better about themselves. At least not yet.

There remains much to be learned about gender dysphoria before we start breaking out the party hats and dismantling western civilization. I realize that transgenders – people whose gender identity does not match their natural biological gender – find relief in having a sexual category where they fit in. But what if it’s not a true category? What if this is not a natural phenomenon that we should be normalizing? This is a big question. If the transgender movement is correct, then when babies are born, doctors should stop biasing the way parents think about them by announcing, “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” Because we won’t really know. Apparently, we still won’t know even if the child wins a gold medal in the Olympic decathlon as an adult man.

One possible cause of gender dysphoria
It is possible that environmental factors may cause or contribute to gender dysphoria. There are endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) prevalent in our environment and food now that weren’t there just a few generations ago. If a fetus developing in utero is subjected to such chemicals, which are known to damage or inhibit normal sexual development, could this account for an increasing number of children and adults experiencing gender dysphoria today? We can’t say for sure because more research needs to be done.

But will the research be done in our hyper-politicized environment? Have you ever heard anyone in any media even mention EDCs? I’m guessing that transgender people would prefer to think of themselves as the vanguard of a new, revolutionary, liberated human sexuality rather than as people with birth defects.

Radical Feminism, Transgenderism, and Postgenderism
An alien visiting our planet might assume that a movement called “feminism” would embrace the essential and uniquely feminine role of childbearing. But no, radical feminism sees this biologically defined role as innately oppressive, and the idea of the nuclear family as something from which we must be liberated. Pregnancy is practically seen as a weapon used against women. Therefore, the gender feminist camp of the feminist movement, far from being offended, is heartened by transgenderism, gay marriage, sexual promiscuity, abortion-on-demand, and pretty much anything else that helps to subvert the ideal of lifelong, loving, heterosexually monogamous marriage. It is in the interest of radical feminism to obliterate the connection between sexual intercourse and reproduction in general, and women and the innate role of childbirth in particular.

Here is a vision of equality by radical feminist author, Shulamith Firestone, from her seminal postgenderist work, The Dialectic of Sex, published in 1970:

“Humanity has begun to transcend nature: we can no longer justify the maintenance of a discriminatory sex class system on grounds of its origins in nature…The reproduction of the species by one sex for the benefit of both would be replaced by (at least the option of) artificial reproduction: children would be born to both sexes equally, or independently of either…the dependence of the child on the mother (and vice versa) would give way to a greatly shortened dependence on a small group of others in general, and any remaining inferiority to adults in physical strength would be compensated for culturally…For unless revolution uproots the basic social organization, the biological family – the vinculum through which the psychology of power can always be smuggled – the tapeworm of exploitation will never be annihilated. We shall need a sexual revolution much larger than – inclusive of – a socialist one to truly eradicate all class systems.”

Yes, you read that right. Women cannot be equal with men until their biologically assigned role is overcome through technology, and the nuclear family is abolished. This is at once an admission from the Left that left-wing sexual politics cannot work in the natural world, and also a beaming example of the astonishing arrogance of atheistic humanism.

This explains why we see a curious refusal on the Left to associate sexual intercourse with procreation, and childbirth with the female gender. This is why we see a campaign to keep gender superficial and interchangeable between sexes. It’s part of a utopian political movement.

So what do we do with each other?
With such fundamentally clashing views competing in our culture, how can we all co-exist? The answer is actually very simple – pluralism and freedom. (Here I use “pluralism” to mean the intentional co-existence of competing ideas.) If you’re reading this and you’re a transgender, or gay, or feminist person, I hope you are happy. I really, really do. I don’t bear you any ill will at all. But if you need me to celebrate your viewpoint in order to be happy, that’s going to be a problem for you. If you intend to use the power of government to force your ideological agenda on me, that’s a serious problem for all of us. We need to all be free to carry out our lives, according to our beliefs, in the free marketplace of ideas. Then we will see how this all shakes out.

I think it would be very helpful if we would all go out and meditate on our COEXIST bumper stickers. Then, if you’re looking for a profound movie, I recommend The Giver.

Relevant links:
1) Why Johns Hopkins Hospital Stopped Doing Sex Change Operations
2) Dear Justice Kennedy: An Open Letter from the Child of a Loving Gay Parent

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6 comments on “Why Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman

  1. Susan Gates says:

    I am thrilled that I am not alone with understanding the TRUTH. 10 Questions for Darwin. Author Dr. Charles McGowen with Dave Zanotti. Your article says it all. Thank You so much for sharing the truth. When two worlds collide. I love my worldview better. I am a Mother. Evolution is wrong. Creation cannot be denied. I am living proof. Hate takes work. God wins. Prayers changes things.

  2. Thanks for taking time to read and comment. Not sure I understand your “hate takes work” comment, though. I think hate comes easily for everyone. I think it takes work and understanding to overcome hate

  3. Beth says:

    Love this. I think you sell yourself a little short as a guy, though. 🙂 As a woman, I feel the same with regard to creating an approximation of manhood through “sex reassignment”. As in, “Honey, you can’t even come close.” It’s one of the things I think people should be able to understand objectively, regardless of belief system – that a little girl who says she is a boy and is given hormones to prevent puberty and later has surgery to change her anatomy is NEVER going to be a man in the way her daddy is. She just isn’t. Nor is the little boy who wishes to be a girl ever going to be a woman in the way her mommy is. And it makes me sad that more and more children may end up living under the delusion that they can become a man like daddy or a woman like mommy despite their biological sex. I think “sex reassignment” surgery is a misapplication of medical knowledge and skill, and we should set about finding less harmful and more truly effective treatments for gender dysphoria that do not mutilate the body – the body being just as much a part of our “selves” as the mind. This is such an incredibly rare condition it boggles the mind that it would be considered just another variation of “normal” in any possible connotation of the word. The natural instinct of the human person is to protect his/her bodily integrity – especially from something as horrific as sexual mutilation. Men would rather lose a leg than lose their testicles. Women who must undergo a mastectomy because of cancer are devastated. It seems self-evident that anyone signing up for such a process is a troubled person in need of honest compassion and true healing.

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Beth!
    I’ll admit I may have sold guys short just a wee bit. But I figure that’s okay since for all of the rest of human history, the unique role of women has been undervalued, minimized, ridiculed, and generally waved away.

    I appreciate your compassionate heart, not only toward transgender people, but also toward the children growing up behind us. I think this and the “marriage equality” debate are both ultimately about maximizing the well-being of children.

    I claim no expertise in this area, but I do think that advances in “sex reassignment surgery” and hormone therapy have their place. A small percentage of people are born with birth defects involving malformed genitalia, or are born with both male and female genitalia. I would think such surgery and therapy would be a godsend, enabling these people to live happier and more normal lives. I realize that many would now say the same thing about transgender people, but until we empirically know what exactly is going on with transgender people, it’s a little early to break out the party hats and celebrate them as a new gender, or whatever.

    Check out the link to Johns Hopkins doc article at the end of my post, if you haven’t already.

    Grace and peace.

  5. Lise says:

    As a fellow artist from Colorado, I’d first like to say hello!

    This was an interesting read. I found your search for a balance of acceptance, tolerance, and freedom to be quite a welcome change of view compared to extreme positions taken by many people. I would certainly have to agree with what you said about the rush to fundamentally change things by opening a can-of-worms when we already have civil and human rights and freedoms in the United States. I think that people are rushing into things without really taking time to examine the facts, the implications, and what we are doing to ourselves as a society.

    However, I would like to point out that transgender people have been consistently documented to exist on all habitable continents. We are hearing about it for the very first time as a society simply because of media attention–transgenderism is not new. What is new, though, is a public discourse on who these people are and what we know, guess, or assume about them. For example, in 1450 BC, a woman named Hatshepsut ruled Egypt as pharaoh while wearing male garments and acting like a man. Transsexualism has also been found to have existed in ancient Rome as well as many indigenous cultures around the world. This is *not* new.

    There is another interesting point that I would like to discuss, which is the idea that a person “becomes” a gender. In this case, I absolutely agree with you 100% that no one, no matter how hard they try, can “become” another gender. But, this excludes transgender people who have always identified with the gender they consider themselves to be. I’ll use myself as an example: I was born with XY chromosomes (as far as I know) and unambiguous male gentalia. Ever since I can remember, I’ve known myself to be a girl–I considered myself one, thought of myself as one, and knew for certain that I would grow up and everyone would realize how silly it was to not recognize me for being the girl I was. I learned not long after to not tell people about my gender. Good gosh, I tried really, really, *really* hard to not be that way and be okay with being a boy. But, and this is perhaps the most difficult thing to comprehend, I was a girl and no amount of talk, activities, or change could alter that. I’ve tried to live as a straight man, I’ve tried to live as a gay man, I’ve tried to live as an androgynous man, but ultimately I ended up abusing drugs and sleeping with strangers until I nearly died of an overdose. Even after nearly dying I thought that I could get over being a girl. Or having to be. I’m really not sure how else to frame it for someone who isn’t in such circumstances, but what I would like to ultimately emphasize is the lack of becoming the opposite gender. Some transgender people will disagree with me, but this is my personal, life-long experience.

    Finally, I would like to address something that seems to be the most controversial of all transgender-related topics: Surgery. It’s expensive, and often considered unnecessary. Why should a tax-payer have to pay for someone to mutilate their genitals and bodies? Unfortunately, depression and suicide rates for transgender adults and youth are atrociously high (40% of transgender people attempt suicide at some point in their life), with actual self-induced mutilations occuring at home with no medical knowledge or proper, sterilized equipment. I have damaged my own gentalia on purpose to try to tear them off, kill their nerves, cut them, and this was before I ever sought help or medical treatment. Since starting hormones, I don’t hurt myself anymore and now volunteer my time and energy helping friends, family, and strangers with any and everything. I’m finally going to school now. It’s pretty neat! I still suffer from gender dysphoria, but it’s so much lessened. I intend to have surgery when I will be able to afford it, which will hopefully be soon if there is federal or state assistance. The condition is about as manageable as diabetes, and quite honestly boasts an efficacy rate of over 90% when treated. With genital surgery, there really is no mutilation: A naturally occuring penis is formed when the vagina, labia, and clitorus expand outwards from inside the body. A surgeon simply reverses the process that happened in utero. If our bodies and their functions define gender, then where does a woman with XX chromosomes who inherently can’t conceive fit? There are certainly many women with biological problems and dysfunction whose bodies don’t do all the things that most girls’ bodies do and go through.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. It’s wordy, but I very much so appreciate it 🙂
    Again, very interesting and thought-provoking article!

    • Hello Lise,
      Thanks for the kind words, and for taking time to share your story. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions, just to help me wrap my head around this. As you can imagine, your experience is very difficult to understand for someone who hasn’t lived through it.

      But first I’d like to say that I believe you are a valuable individual, loved by God, and a bearer of His image. Please don’t take my questions as criticisms. I simply haven’t been able to find a transgender person I could ask in a mutually respectful context.

      Also, a couple of clarifications: Yes, I agree that this is not new. I’ve done a little reading about the Hijras in India. It does seem like the incidence of transgenderism may be increasing, but it may simply be that people are being more open about it now.

      As to your question at the end, “If our bodies and their functions define gender, then…?
      Yes, of course there are (XX) women who can’t conceive, etc. (This pertains to my comments about “organs that work.”) My point is simply that the female body was designed to conceive, bear, and nurse children. This isn’t merely incidental to being female, or something that is merely an opinion. The proof is that the very survival of the human race depends on this biologically assigned, female role.

      My question is one I asked in the post: Since pretty much everything “feminine” besides conceiving, bearing, and nursing children is arguably a social construct, what does it mean to identify as a girl? In other words, things like make-up and dresses are superficial, perhaps even shallow, aspects of femininity compared to the biological aspect.

      Also, if you could address this: I get that identifying and “living as” a woman helps to bring your life into alignment. I guess the problem I have with what Jenner is doing is him saying, “I am a woman,” and expecting everyone to go along with it. If I didn’t know any better, and I saw him on the street, I’d assume he was a woman, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for him, or for the LGBT movement.

      Thanks for helping my understanding.

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