My Public Art Contribution to Loveland – Summer 2012

This summer Mollie and I were both awarded transformer box commissions. The theme for 2012 was, “Loveland – Where Art & Science Meet.” I chose a dinosaur theme because art has played an enormous role in bringing scientific theories to life in the public imagination, especially in the field of paleontology. When you call to mind your favorite dinosaur, you’re probably thinking of an artist’s rendition of that dinosaur. Archeological digs give us the fossilized bones of dinosaurs, but the coloration and patterning of dinosaurs is almost entirely guesswork. So for this project I took some liberty with that idea and paired each dino with an appropriate iconic artistic styling to fit the theme of the meeting of art and science. So the water dwelling, long-necked Diplodocus is decorated with Georges Seurat’s “Bathers,” and so on. Here is my carefully crafted statement which accidentally forces me to offend both modern art lovers and materialist scientists:

“With this project I attempted to employ simpler artistic stylings because I reasoned that the blind, mindless forces of evolution would have a greater chance of producing a Picasso or a Munch, than, say, a Rembrandt or a Sargent.”

I decided to title this piece, “Designersaurs”…

The north face – Yes, I did cheat in imitating Seurat’s pointillism. (I used a sponge)…

The west face – The spinal plates and spiky tail of the Stegosaurus suggested a Picasso-like styling to me…

The south face – With his three horns, parrot beak, and extravagant hood, the Triceratops seems like something Peter Max might have invented…

The east face – Of course I had to put “The Scream” on the terrifying T-rex. The little Protoceratops I added just for fun, and for compositional reasons. I think this side is my fav.


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