I Have a Plan



Greetings friends! I’m starting a blog today. This being my first entry, I assume no one will see it. But for what it’s worth, and in case someone does read this, I will set forth my plan. I plan to:

1)   only write about topics and ideas that excite my heart & mind. This is the same principle that I follow in creating my fine art. I assume that if I paint something that personally excites me for any  reason, it’s likely to be of interest to someone else as well.

2)   keep the entries short. I know you are busy, as am I. One thing that energizes me in a big way is engaging in respectful dialogue with rational people who think differently than I do. So my plan is to keep my entries concise, but to welcome further dialogue in the comment section.

I’m aiming to make an entry once a week. Twice a month at a minimum. We’ll see…


Please share your thoughts...

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